Friday, November 9, 2007


Question for my fellow sketchbookers: What kind of pad do you like? I have a Moleskin sketchbook, and I like it, but it smudges a bit easily. It's almost full so I am curious what others like.


Mark Welser said...

Ya know, I don't even have a sketchbook anymore. I used to have a bunch that were left over from other folks who were in my high school art class (end of the year, only about 3 pages were used and everyone was going to toss them out so I grabbed them up but now they're mostly full). Lately, I mostly just sketch on the back of whatever bullshit mail or handouts I get at work since that's usually where I do my drawing these days. So I've got a ton of loose pages flying around the house with guidlines on how to provide good customer service on the other side. Most of my sketches get thrown away because they're no good. I've been holding onto all the ones I've done for the blog, though. Why? I dunno. Some of them are okay, I guess.

Bob Dahlstrom said...

Anymore, I just use this paper:

It's smooth as hell, relatively thick and very very white. I buy sketchbooks like crazy, and use maybe ten pages before I give up on it.

I've got one of these:

right next to my computer desk, and one drawer holds blank paper, another holds stuff I've drawn. Works like a charm.

You know, for the three times a month I actually draw.

maraROCK said...

The great Canadian Sketchbook. America Jr. produces better sketch pads than America Sr. It's like they wire bounded bristol board

Fredrik Sibe said...

Right now, I just use plain ol' copy paper. I tried using a small hardbound book with blank pages, but it just made me self-conscious and filled me with terrible performance anxiety. Plus, if I actually did draw in it, three days later I'd hate it and want to rip the page out and in the end I would've just had a hardbound book with like, four pages left. But GOOD pages.

Chris said...

I sincerely appreciate all the advice, guys. I will test out new paper!

Sally Mandor said...

I like to draw on walls with pudding.

Anonymous said...

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